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6 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Looking for Trouble [15 Oct 2005|01:36pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I cursed silently as my heart pounded almost painfully against my rib cage. The tactic had been solid in theory, at least, if not in practice. After a long morning spent tangled with Faith in any number of permutations of coupling, we'd finally dressed, showered and had a proper meal. Once the sun had set, we were out on the streets, looking for trouble to get into and calling it training.

It had been a few hours with virtually nothing to show for our efforts when we'd finally rousted a small nest of vampires-- young, barely turned, but streetwise and brutal-- and followed them to this dilapidated parking structure. Faith had taken the fast way up, the vampires' way, scaling the cracked concrete exterior of the structure with agile grace. Being a mere mortal, I had volunteered to take the one enclosed stairwell, preventing any of our quarry from escaping that way as I scaled upwards toward Faith's level.

Of course, that translated to myself running up stairs, something that I'd been unprepared for, as evidenced by my short, heaving breaths and seeming state of impending coronary. Sluggish of step, I tried to keep my senses and mind as clear as I could, in case I did indeed meet an enemy.

Reaching the fifth level, I heard a scream of fury from the other side of the heavy door. It was close, and I grasped the metal lever, twisting it hard. The door didn't budge. I pulled again, hard. Still nothing. I peered through the tiny glass window, through the metal reinforcing wire, to see Faith grappling with three of the vampires not a meter from my side of the door.

"Faith!" I shouted, raising my shotgun. Aiming it at the door handle, I hesitated, realising that I could tear myself to shreds with ricochets. I raised the weapon to the window.

"Faith, get away from the door!"

Whether she heard me or not, I cursed again as the back of Faith's head collided with the window, denying me that shot as well. Flipping the shotgun around, I began to bring the metal butt end crashing against the glass and wire. Desperately, I slammed the shotgun against the barrier again and again.

((Open to Faith))

7 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Starting Over [08 Jul 2005|02:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I didn't have any dreams that night, thank fucking God, cuz I was sorta scared they'd be like the ones from the plane. Full of guilt at all the shit I'd done - mainly to Wes - and just generally feeling sorry for myself. And that sure as hell wasn't the Faith I wanted to be.

Wasn't what I wanted Wes to be, either, but whatev. I hoped he wasn't feeling that way about last night.

I got outta bed, all achy and shit, and called up room service since I was fucking hungry by now. Yeah, one H was all taken care of, but I needed the other one taken care of now. We'd managed to sleep and fuck our ways through the night, so no hunting...

Huh. Hunting, the third 'H'. Made a little mental note to myself as the knock on the door came and I walked over, pulling the trays in with a wink. "Thanks, here's a tip." I shoved some cash at the guy before shutting the door, not really caring that I was still naked. Hey, if he got a free show? No big.

Turned on the TV and nothing interesting was on, so I left it on some cartoons as I ate my egs and bacon, taking time every now and then to switch to coffee and cigs. Fuck, my body was all sorts of hurting, but in that good way, y'know?

And it had been so fucking long that I hadn't felt bad afterwards, too. Didn't feel like crying or throwing up, or going over and over my sins in my head.

Nah, I just felt like... eating.

I heard Wes finally moving around in there and shouted over the TV, "Morning, Boss. Got us some yummy food and coffee if ya want some... ok, yeah, I paid for it with your money, but still. Good intentions and all, right?"

The back of my brain whispered some shit to me about Wes really being the boss, and that maybe he wouldn't like it that I'd done all this, but fuck that. All I'd said was training and bedroom. Period.

((Open to Wes))

7 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Incindiary Music [03 May 2005|11:57pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Kissing Faith is not like kissing any other woman.

Yes, every woman is unique-- a melody unrepeated by another individual, certainly, but as my own, somewhat limited experience told, all of them sounded as if composed by the same hand, for the same instrument. Virginia had been a clear, crisp scherzo tune, quick and sweet, but brief. Fred's single kiss had been stringendo-- beginning simply, but falling into a surprising intensity. Lilah's kisses were infuriatingly rubato, some lingering, some hurried, some sharp, some soft, but every one of them at least half a lie.

But there was only one sound as Faith's mouth attacked mine, as her hands pulled tightly against my body and slid through my hair-- the raging, pounding beat of my own heartbeat, and the rush of the blood surging with the almost instantaneous explosion of heat. It was a music loud and dissonant, and it at these moments, when I could taste the alcohol and the cigarettes and the raw, grasping lust, it was a sound entirely in time with mine.

Faith's legs were suddenly scissored around my waist, so tight I could scarcely breathe between the hungry, intense kisses. I pushed off of the couch and carried her to the bedroom, absolutely no question left in what would happen now.

And wasn't that what she'd wanted? For me to say, and for her to do? Wasn't that what I wanted, too?

I didn't think, couldn't think about that now. All I wanted was Faith.

I all but threw her down onto the bed.

"Take your clothes off," I rasped, my breath heavy and ragged already as I found enough presence of mind to delve into one of our bags and extract a pack of foil squares, which I threw onto the mattress beside the rapidly disrobing Faith. I joined in the rush, nearly losing buttons as I undid my shirt and cast it aside before sliding off jeans and undershorts and socks together.

I stood above Faith for a moment, beside the bed, staring down at her. Dark eyes gone even darker with a desirous heat, Faith's expression begged me, beckoned me to her, even as her hands danced over her intoxicating naked form. Fingers pinched at her nipples and slid across slickened flesh between her legs. Those dark eyes were fixed on mine, but kept dropping to the almost burstingly swollen shaft I held in my own hand.

Taking a deep breath, I fought for control of myself as the cacophanous beating in my ears nearly drowned out Faith's near-pleading words.

Reaching down between her thighs, I replaced her hand with mine, forcing my fingers inside her heat. I knelt beside her head.

"Suck it," I began to say, but ended in a gasp as she did just that.

((Open to Faith))

12 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Thinking [03 Apr 2005|12:35pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Woke up the next morning, and saw that he was still asleep, my leg kinda curled on him and an arm around his chest. Weird... I never did that snuggling shit. I slowly pulled myself offa him and turned on my side, blinking my eyes at the time.

I remembered the food we'd ordered last night and never gotten, so I finally got outta bed and wandered over to the door, opening it to see if something was there or not. Sure enough, they must've come knocking once we were both fucking asleep, cuz there was my pizza, ice-cold.

Hey, no big. Pizza for breakfast was cool.

I pulled the tray inside, sat on the floor, and started eating my breakfast, trying to keep quiet for Wes. No dreams last night so that was good, but I hadda wonder about Wes. He seemed the type to have bizarre nightmares or shit about all the 'bad' things he thought he'd done.

Like me.

Well, fine, not like me in the sense that he fucked me up. In the sense that he was like me having nightmares about... fuck it. It was too hard to explain.

After finishing off my pizza, I walked outside and lit up a cig, looking at The City. Weird without all the lights, but the tourists made me feel... dunno. Cramped? Sin City was fine, it was all fake anyways. Seemed a better fit to my personality.

Here? I wasn't sure... about me, about, well much of anything.

Just hoped I got my training in, cuz it would at least take my mind offa the weirdness that was me and Wes.

Taking another quick drag, I ran a hand through my hair watching the sun come up. Would we always be like this? On the fucking run? Honestly, how much good had I been able to do since I left B and Giles and everyone? Seemed I was only fucking up my Watcher's life more than it already was.

Wasn't fair to him... sure as hell wasn't what we'd both signed on for.

Maybe I should just turn myself in, get it all over with and let everyone go back to their regularly scheduled fucking programs.

((Open to Wes))

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Channel Surfing [11 Mar 2005|10:01am]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

"See, it doesn't work that way. You and me? We're not built for this shit. We were never meant to go out on dates or shit, you said so yourself. Hurting, fucking, hey... seems like it's all we're both good at. At least for each other."

Faith's words echoed in the back of my head the entire silent way back to the hotel, all the way up to the room. I poured drinks, because... well, because that seemed to be what we did. Faith took hers over to an open, screened window to smoke while I collapsed into a corner of the sofa.

Sipping on the burning whiskey, I glanced over at Faith from time to time, watching her. All I'd wanted-- no, all we'd both wanted, juding by Faith's initial excitement-- was something simple, something a little closer to normal.

But we weren't normal, were we? We were broken, damaged... scarred. Faith and I weren't drawn to each other because of some great romantic compulsion, or even a vague one. It was...

I took a long sip of my drink and let it heat me.

It was because those scars, those marks-- they matched. Unfortunately, that didn't make a damn thing any easier.

Looking over, I saw Faith start into her second cigarette. As it seemed neither one of us was in the mood to do any more talking for the moment, I did something I did very rarely. I reached for the remote control for the room's massive television and clicked the thing on.

Keeping the volume fairly low, I began absently flipping through the channels. Most of television, I'd found, was inane and completely useless dreck. Passing the channel before the image registered, I had to back-track. One of the better comedies I'd seen in quite some time was playing.

I was trying not to laugh. I was really trying, but I was losing the fight.

((Open to Faith))

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The Night Out [04 Mar 2005|11:04am]

[ mood | confused ]

We showered, and didn't talk much, but that was fine by me. Honestly, I'd wanted to fucking curl into a ball on the bed and sleep, but Wes had pretty much forced me into the shower. Maybe it was a good thing, I dunno. Cleared my head a bit, stopped my tears, and made my ass ache just a little less.

When he asked me if I'd wanted to go out still, I'd just smirked and gotten changed. Nothing fancy, sadly, but I'm not a fancy kinda gal. I pulled my jeans on carefully, wincing as I did, then grabbed one of his button-up shirts and a tie he'd actually brought but hadn't worn yet. Did the whole Avril Lavigne look, which normally I hated, but at least it was better and warmer than just a tank top.

"All set, Boss. Let's go."

Wes had our tickets somehow, and I wasn't hungry just yet. Figured we could eat after the show or something.

We walked to the theatre where it was at, and i kept looking at him. Was he ok? Was everything cool between us now? I couldn't tell. For all I knew, I might've fucked it up even worse - yeah, if that was even possible.

I sighed and finally asked him, "Look, you gonna be quiet-man all evening, or you wanna talk about what happened? If not, hey, cool by me, I'm just wondering."

I stopped walking so he'd hafta stop too.

"Cuz when I said 'thank you'? I fucking meant it, Wes."

((Open to Wes))

16 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

New York, New York [25 Feb 2005|08:05pm]

New York City was under quite the deluge when we arrived. The rain fell in heavy sheets, blown almost horizontal by the wind whipping down the steel and concrete canyons. At the airport, Faith had closed her eyes and pointed at a large display of hotel advertisements, and somehow, I wasn't surprised at all that her 'random' choice landed on a luxury hotel in the heart of Manhattan, right on Times Square-- the Mariott Marquis.

And so, the yellow cab did battle against the elements as it endeavoured to bring us downtown to the hotel. Thankfully, the Marquis' main entrance was underneath the building, allowing us to step out in relative warmth and dry.

We checked in, and considering Faith's comment on the plane, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers-- a tip of the hat to Father, for no particular reason-- didn't even bother with a room with a second bed. We took a suite perhaps not quite as opulent as the Bellagio's, but more than sufficient for us both.

Whisked up to the 25th floor by the almost-like-flying rush of the glass elevators, I tried to remember the last time I'd had the pleasure of visiting the city. It had been ages, on a trip with Father when I was twelve. I was still in the reverie when we arrived at room 2505. Dropping our things on the floor and tipping the bellman, I kicked off my boots and crossed the plush carpet.

I touched the control that opened the blinds, and even with the rain, the brilliant neon and electric lights of Times Square were a beautiful display.

I turned to Faith. "Good choice."

((Open to Faith))

7 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Just Rewards [20 Feb 2005|07:26pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

It was all a big fucking blur.

I walked back to our seats, hands on the other chairs along the way to hold me up, and I sank as carefully as I could but it still hurt. Not a lot... but enough. Thank fucking God we weren't in first class or shit.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, trying to figure all this out. What the hell was going on? I'd called Wes for one reason - I was a liability to B and her crew. Didn't wanna go back to jail just yet cuz I figured there was still some good out there I could do - so I call Wes. Just figuring bossman could go back to his Watcher-ways and we'd be all five-by-five.

But, that sorta thing's never my luck. Cuz this Wes? The one who started at me coldly one sec and then fucked my ass the next?

Yeah. Not the Watcher I thought I'd be going back to. Then again, I wasn't the Slayer he probably wanted.

We all get what we deserve, right?

I felt the seat sink next to me and I sighed, knowing it was Wes finally. What could I say? Thanks for the nice fuck? Thanks for bruising me and making me cry?

"Well... looks like we wasted a few minutes with that. How much time we got left, Boss?"

((Open to Wes))

14 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Leaving Las Vegas [03 Feb 2005|11:32pm]

It seemed that a tacit agreement slipped into place between Faith and myself to leave behind the exchange of emotional hurts and self-flagellation that we'd engaged in. Not a typical after-sex practice, even for myself, but it seemed that there would never be avoiding the things that existed between me and Faith.

Honestly, I despaired of the two of us ever truly letting our guard down. History on that count did not make one optimistic.

For now, though, things were light, simple and superficial, as far as I was able to tell. Faith's typical smirkingly brash attitude was set firmly in place, and I was responding mostly in kind.

The room service waiter, trundling in the heavy-laden cart, seemed entirely nonplussed by the sight of Faith's loosely-belted robe and the fact that I was wearing only my jeans. Tipped well, he smiled as he left, and by the time I turned around, Faith had already tucked into the pizza she'd ordered.

Crossing to the bar, I brought two bottles of beer back to the table, setting one in front of Faith. I sat down, and took a deep breath, wondering if it might be an opportune moment to say something.

"Faith, I--"

I was interrupted by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Mumbling an apology, I fished it out of my jacket nearby and flipped it open. Angel. My friend and former employer spoke quickly and brusquely, but considering the news, I couldn't blame him. Thanking Angel for the advanced notice, I closed the phone and turned to Faith.

"We've got one hour to finish eating, get packed and be gone. Angel's contacts with the L.A.P.D. alerted him that they've recently shared your record with the Las Vegas police. They'll be here soon, but we've got enough of a head start."

Moving on instinct, I stepped closer to Faith and closed my hand over hers.

"They won't catch us. I promise."

((Open to Faith.))

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Cold Comfort [31 Jan 2005|11:09am]

The last few moments were still as amazing as it all had been, but I wasn't so lost that I couldn't feel something change. The tears on Faith's cheeks flowed too freely, and there was something she said that I couldn't make out, but there was nothing in the way it sounded that was right.

When I came, and Faith swallowed me down, I drifted into the release of it, let myself fall into the feel of her mouth surrounding me, but only for a moment.

Afterwards, Faith looked back up at me, and through the curtain of dark soft curls, returned to me as lost and sad an expression as I'd ever seen. Certainly not the face I'd expected to see after what we'd just done, the pleasurable memory of which was fading quickly.

"Sorry... I'm sorry... just... fuck..."

Her voice was low and shook with a tone that unbalanced me and all the preconceptions I'd ever had about this young woman. With a sob, she turned away, clutching a pillow to herself, and curling closed as tightly as she could.

For a moment, I watched her shoulders tremble with crying. My heart dropped out of my chest, a cold, horrified space in place of it.

What had I done? I'd shown Faith more of what I was capable of, more of the man inside of myself than anyone had seen since Lilah-- and even she had never forced the kind of honesty out of me that I'd known just a few minutes ago. Faith had seen me... and it was wrong.

There was a darkness in me, I knew that, and I had thought that it would resonate, somehow, with hers, allowing me to finally give her the help I knew she needed. Instead, she was turning from that shadow, and I had to wonder whether that was truly the right thing to do.

What I did feel the need to do, though, was to at least try to help and salvage the damage I'd done. My hand reached out and touched lightly onto Faith's shoulder.

"Faith... I'm-- I'm sorry."

She looked so very vulnerable in that moment, and that was the last straw for me. The Faith I knew was not that, was strong and self-assured, and could weather anything. She didn't deserve for me to break that resolve. Hoping that she wouldn't turn away what little comfort I could offer, I sidled my body up behind hers, curling my arm around her, on top of her own.

"Do you... do you want me to go?"

((Open to Faith.))

12 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Wanting [19 Jan 2005|04:20pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Wes never gave me a chance to say anything to him, cuz the next thing I knew, we were kissing and fuck if I didn't have flashbacks to the one night. I pulled away from him long enough to pull off my shirt, and yeah, I was wearing a nice lace black bra under it. I gave him a look that pretty much said, What else did you expect? before I hopped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands running through his hair as I began licking my way down his neck.

Fuck, so good... please don't let it stop, please don't let it be like the last time...

"Want you, Wes," I whispered into his ear before biting it.

Shit, I didn't have the whole we're going to die soon excuse this time, either. No kissing as a distraction from some girl I'd fucked either.

Instead, we were kissing hard and shit, my panties were already soaked through, so I just wrapped my legs around him tighter and admitting more than I wanted to.

"Wanted you since we got here," I breathed as my mouth worked on his and I managed to suck on his tongue the way I wanted to suck his cock. "You left... left me alone to go to L.A." My arms were tighter around him as my tits began to come out of my bra.

"Left me alone and that girl... fucked her cuz I couldn't fuck you..." God, why wouldn't I shut up?

I grabbed one of his fingers and began sucking on it slowly, and when I'd stopped, I wished to God I could smile some sexy smile, but instead I was shaking all over. Just scared shitless.

((Open for Wes))

8 Black Sheep | Hit the Road

Down to Two [24 Dec 2004|12:33am]

A few hours after the run-in with the M'Fashnik demons, Faith and I were again on our own. At the bar, Ms. Finn had been rather cagey about her identity and just what she was doing fighting demons in downtown Las Vegas, but after being informed about Faith's and my backgrounds, Sam became a sight more talkative. I'd heard about the Initiative and the U.S. government's supernatural black ops departments, but knew little concrete about them.

I picked up on the slightest rise in Faith's tension level when Sam mentioned her estranged husband, Riley, but decided to keep from asking about it until later.

Among the four of us, it was decided that with none of us being well-versed in how the city dealt with the supernatural, we would all 'lay low' and go about our own business for a short time. Hopefully, if there were any repercussions, we should be able to stay unaffected. We had both women's contact information, and would 'reconvene' later if needed.

That decided, we dropped Bethany and Sam off at their respective residences, and headed back to our own hotel, where we returned the Explorer. With a sigh, I realized that if Faith and I were to be 'hitting the road' after Las Vegas, I'd need to garage or trade in the Triumph for a similar, more long-haul-worthy vehicle.

Again, our slightly rumpled appearances drew a few askance looks from the staff, but our penthouse keycard silenced any whispers. Whisked up to our floor, we were back in the massive suite minutes after turning in the SUV down at valet parking.

Wincing from the twinge of pain from my squeeze-bruised ribs, I pulled off my jacket. Dropping it on a nearby table, I dropped myself down on the sofa and let out a long breath. I looked over at Faith, who'd done something similar beside me. I had a though, blinked, and gave her a smirk.

"First fight in the new era of our Slayer and Watcher-hood. What did you think?"

((Open to Faith.))

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Afterwards [14 Dec 2004|06:36pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Walked over to the Golden Nugget and sat down at one of the quieter places, where we could actually hear each other talk over the fucking loud ding noises of the slots. I was resting one hand on my knee, while the other kept playing nervously with my cig as I tried to take in my company.

Bethy, I wasn't quite sure of. Seemed ok, powers and shit, and she'd saved Wes. I guess that made her one of the good guys. I laughed a bit at that, shaking my head and taking another nice, long drag.

Bet she was great in bed, too, but hey. She'd never offered during any of the dances I'd gotten from her, so no big. Besides, there was always that other girl, the one that looked so much like B, that I could go back to if I had that particular itch to scratch...

This new girl. Tall, muscular, with guns. And knives. Seemed sorta Wes' type, if you asked me, but she hadn't volunteered her name just yet. Slayer-sense, whatev, something about her was just giving me all sorts of weird vibes. Like I knew her or something. I'd ordered her a gin and tonic, seeing as how she didn't look the beer type.

Wes, I'd gotten him his scotch. That whatever-the-hell kinda scotch, real expensive. I'd touched his arm casually, and fuck, it was like fire shot right fucking through me and I was burned. Rubbed my hand along my jeans and just put on my smile for him. "Glad you're ok, boss," I winked as they brought me my beer and I took a quick swig.

What had I been thinking, leaving the demon alone and running after Wes? Hadn't I learned my fucking lesson when Angelus had done the same thing? Couldn't let my guard down, not ever. "Sorry," I told him, "if I disappointed you." Yeah that was me. Just fucking apologizing every chance I could get, it seemed.

"So, now that we're away from that mess..."

I was gonna introduce myself, but I looked over at Wes first to find out if it was ok. After all, for all we knew she was a narc or something. That woulda been my luck.

((Open to Wes, Bethany, & Sam))

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The things I do for people. Oy. [26 Nov 2004|05:20pm]

[ mood | Her hips were nice, though. ]

The liquor store was a joy. Spunky McBiel there wanted to show off her new fake ID and score some drinks so I said why not. I joined her in the convenience store as a sort of just-in-case measure, y'know. Case the store clerk wanted t' give her a bit of hassle. I sat quietly staring at the different packs of smokes that decorated the aisle. Hm! Marlboros went down twenty cents. I kept my ear trained on the counter while Safi attempted to purchase the alcohol, just waitin' for her to blow it.

"Forty seven, fifty three," the cashier said. Brows lowered I flashed my eyes over to the counter. Just how much was she buying?! Four bottles of Boone's Farm, three packs of wine coolers, something in a blue bottle -- grand. Foofoo drinks. I'd have to make sure to wear my fuzzy panties. My lips pursed and I sighed to myself before stuffing a pack of fags in my pocket descreetly and then wandered toward the counter.

She watched intently while the cashier looked over the card she'd handed him, then looked at her, then looked at the card again. He wasn't gonna fall for it. "Almost ready t' go, honey?" I asked upon reaching her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind, flashing a gay grin toward the cashier. "Newlyweds," I said. "We're celebratin' t'night." The cashier shrugged his shoulder and gave the ID back to her. They exchanged money and bottles and we were off.

She didn't say much of a word to me after I'd done that. Just kinda... made her all shivery I guess. I got that effect, see. We pulled into the parking lot of the Motel 6 and I stepped out of the car. "Finally," I groaned to myself while stuffing a smoke between my lips and lighting it. Naturally I'd have to hitchhike with an anti-smoker. I pulled a long drag and exhaled a slow, black plume while looking over the roof of the car toward her. "So, mate.. er... Safi. One room or two?" My arms rest on the roof and I quirked a brow, waiting for her answer.

(( open to Safi ))

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A Typical Night Out [16 Nov 2004|10:33pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Apparently, it was time to do a bit of patrolling, and this Watcher and his Slayer were going to have some company. At least, I supposed, I was more than aware that Bethany was capable of handling herself, particularly if, as she said, she'd developed an even greater degree of control over her abilities. And so, the three of us soon found ourselves in a Ford Explorer 'borrowed' from the hotel's company vehicles, driving down Las Vegas Boulevard into the 'real' city past the neon lights.

Faith had pointedly climbed into the back seat with Bethany, leaving me alone in the front to drive and quietly fume a bit. As far as I was concerned, Faith was being immature and petty. If she had a problem with my not wanting to have to relate chapter and verse on our strange, complicated relationship, it didn't give her an excuse for dragging out memories hurtful to us both.

I couldn't understand what was going on in Faith's head at all at the moment, and that unsettled me. We were enough of a kind, I'd come to believe, that I could read her with some degree of confidence. Now, though, I was at a loss, and that was a terrible place for a Watcher to be.

Surprisingly, turning corner after corner into the less reputable areas of Las Vegas, I was having difficulties finding suitable 'action' for the tastes of myself-- as I was very much in a surly, fighting mood-- and my companions. As we approached the Fremont Street area, near where Faith and I had met up at her club, I was beginning to despair of finding anything of supernatural menace about.

Until something large, scaly and unpleasantly aggressive ran right across our path.

"I believe this is our stop, ladies."

The Explorer screeched to a halt, and the two rear doors were open well before I slammed the gearshift into park. I watched as two more forms rushed past us and into the requisite darkened alley. On first glance, the demons might be mistaken for any sort of hired muscle, save for the reptillian skin over that muscle and the tall ridges on its skull.

I slid my pistols from their holsters.

"M'Fashnik demons," I called out to Faith and Bethany. "No pushovers."

Cocking both guns, I stepped into the alley.

((Open to Faith, Bethany and Sam!))

Hit the Road

The Last Mission [31 Oct 2004|11:12pm]

PERU, Pongo de Manique Canyon

Two Months Earlier

We weren't moving fast enough.

The thought was still there, still rattling about and saying things I didn't want to hear, when I heard a scream break behind me. My feet stopped suddenly and in an ill-advised fashion, while I spun about to see the source of the sound. But I already knew.


The creature that was attached to me must have sensed the spike in my pulse, because it seemed to dig in futher, the firey ache it caused leeching out to my whole body. I just hoped all the drugs and anti this and anti that would be enough. It wasn't supposed to go on this long.

Doing my best to ignore all of that, I met my partner's eyes from across the forest floor. He had fallen, his right leg twisted beneath him at an ugly angle. Our route along the river had been dangerous, spiked with sudden changes in terrain, but it had been the fastest way out. The only way out, for all of us.

"Dammit Reynolds!"

The sounds were getting louder now, crashing through the canopy with a force that was hard to ignore. I still stood frozen, unable to move. I was always able to move.

"Reynolds," I shouted into my comm, even though shouting was unnessecery. "What is your status? Are you able to continue?"

He wouldn't answer, but I knew. He just stayed there, unmoving, looking at me as the screaming grew louder. I knew.

I knew. I knew. I knew.

Damn him to hell and back again. I was going to have to stop this. Now. Furious at both of us, I began tugging at the specially made kevlar that covered my chest, trying to jerk it off. If I could just yank it free, then I could get to him. I could get him out, and we would just have to try again. This mission had been a year in the making, and I had fought for it. Sacraficed more than I could even think of right now. But I had to give it up. Right now.

"Don't move David," I finally spoke again. "Just give me...I will be there alright! Just stay there." I could see him, he could see me. Only a hundred yards seperated us, but I still used the comms.


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Into the west. [27 Oct 2004|12:53am]

[ mood | restless ]

It was hard. Hard to keep my mind focused on one subject at a time. I tried to not care much so I offered no words as I pulled into the parking lot, pushing upon the brakes that caused the car to make an abrupt halt within a space. There wasn't much cars around so they were all pretty safe from my poor driving skills -- of course.. what do you expect so late in the night? "Hope you know what you want," I chuckled as I flew the door open, unstrapping myself and stepping out. It felt nice.. not too hot and not too chilly. Just the way I liked it. "Because I'm not gonna wait on your slow ass to decide. I'm hungry."

I had to offer him a friendly smile to let him know I was SOMEWHAT joking -- keyword: somewhat -- before I was off to the restaraunt's entrance. A waitress with blonde hair and pretty green eyes greeted us, asking where we'd like to be seated. "Non-smoking please," I immediatly answered, my eyes travelling over to William's glare briefly to only elbow him secretly upon his lowered arm. We were escorted and I sat myself into the nicely cushioned seats, taking the menu that was offered to me.

My eyes watched as the waitress with the nametag Rose left, looking back to Willy the Scorching Blonde who was STILL glaring at me. I smirked.

"Oh please," I grunted, opening the menu to drop my eyes upon the pretty pictures so I didn't have to look at his grouchy face. ".. cigarette smoke makes me feel sick. I think you can survive an hour."

Right, whatever, how grumpy I've seen THIS guy it'll be five minutes until he'll go off on a whining spree again. For now though? I was hungry. And damn it, I was going to order something! But what though? Decisions.. decisions.

Do I feel all breakfast girl? Lunchy? "Dinnery?" I worded out loud thoughtfully as I spoke my mind when my eyes travelled upon all the meals listed. Try to stay low, Safi, you want your money to last you at LEAST a couple more weeks.

I sighed out in fustration, looking across to my companion as if he had the answer. "What're YOU getting?"

(( Open to Spike. ))

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Out [26 Oct 2004|08:04pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

"New friend, Faith?"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my pack of cigs before taking one last shot. "You could say that," I grinned but the smile wasn't for real. He must've known that, though. Shit, I'd fucked up again. Why the hell had I fuckin' kissed Wes just to get some stripper away from me?

"C'mon, let's go," I said as I tugged on his arm to leave. I'd had enough drinks and enough of this place...I needed to fucking breathe and I sure as hell wasn't gonna do it here with the looks Wes was giving me and the thoughts I kept having, everything...that one night, my time dancing here...it was all fucked. Again.

I needed to kill something. Something, notice the "thing" bit at the end?

Yeah, I didn't really, either.

I started walking outside and instead of hailing a taxi, I just decided to walk, figuring Wes would follow me and then we'd have to do the talking thing where...no, we wouldn't. We'd both bottle up everything and then we'd both feel like shit, and life would go on. Fucking perfect.

And we hadn't even started training yet.

I waited for Wes to ask more about the girl, but when he didn't, I just kept walking. He knew by now, I was sure, that I'd fucked her while he was gone and that bothered me for some reason. Whatever, right? Just move on and all that jazz. I people-watched as we walked down the Strip and kinda froze when I saw someone I knew. Ok, maybe knew wasn't the right word..someone I used to get dances from all the fucking time, only I hadn't been able to get over to see her this trip.

Thought her stage name was something like "Candy", but it didn't matter. Someone familiar - not Wesley, not the cops, not the girl who looked like Buffy? Sounded great to me.

"Hey," I whistled at her, not bothering with the stage name since she'd never told me her real one. Too bad. I'd bet she was hot in bed. "Long time no see."

((Open to Wesley & Bethany))

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Viva Las Vegas... I guess. [26 Oct 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | tired ]

It had been a long time since I'd left Los Angeles... what, a couple of years now? I don't know, I wasn't really keeping track. I mean, it didn't really matter. There wasn't much in LA I wanted to remember. It wasn't all sunshine and good times, you know? With the exception of that Angel guy, of course. Helping me find myself like the Good Samaritan he was. But the whole being used by an evil law firm thing? Not really something I felt like remembering. So I didn't. I put it behind me.

I never went back to Ohio, though. There was no going home. There was no home to go to. My dad... well, he'd almost met his end on the LA pavement, but not quite. I'd been feeling generous, knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I'd squashed him... Angel'd taught me that much. Didn't mean I wanted to go home with the guy. Dad went back to Ohio, and I went... wherever I felt like going. I went all over, first to San Francisco and then Santa Fe, big cities like that. I hit a few other towns on my way back to the northeast, spent seven or eight months in the Big Apple. Wasn't really my kind of place, but I was getting to like the city life. I liked what I'd seen of the West Coast better, so I decided to head back to LA. Never made it that far, though. I ran out of money by the time I hit Vegas, so I got a job and tried to solve my cash flow problem.

It sort of worked. I made enough money as a waitress to pay the rent and buy groceries, but that wasn't going to get me back to sunny California. So I started dancing. One of the girls I waitressed with got me a job. I forgot about waitressing pretty fast after that. You can make a lot of money dancing, once you get past your own personal hangups. If you don't mind showing more than a little thigh, you can make a lot more. Lots of girls put themselves through college that way. 'Course, I didn't wanna go to college, but the money was nice. I was living comfortably, and I had no intention of leaving Las Vegas. I liked Sin City. It was big and exciting, and worthy of its nickname. Maybe I liked it because I was so tired of the small-town life. I liked having money, I liked people paying attention to me, I liked having men buy me drinks after they tucked $20 bills into my waistband. The place I was working was good, too. Didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. That was nice. Some of the other girls I danced with, they told horror stories about clubs that didn't have as much money, where they wound up doing more than taking their clothes off on the catwalk. No way, I wasn't going that route. I was a stripper, not a hooker. I was only gonna sleep with the guys I thought were worth my time.

Helped if they were willing to pay my bar tab, though.

I didn't have any interest in the opposite sex tonight. I was tired, finished my shift at work and was looking forward to getting home. Didn't even feel like sticking around and letting one of the cuter patrons buy me a drink. I just wanted to go back to my apartment, kick my heels off and crash. Absolutely beat, that's what I was. Grabbing my bag, I pulled my jacket on as I walked out of the dressing room, heading out the back door and circling around the club to the street. It was late, but the strip was always bright... there was no day or night in this place. I liked it that way. I didn't even bother trying to get a cab. My place wasn't too far off. Pulling my jacket closed, I started walking, keeping an eye out for any creeps that might try to start something with me. Much as I liked Vegas, the place had more than its share of creepazoids, no matter what time of day it was.

Every step I took made my feet ache more, and I almost regretted not getting a ride. God, I was exhausted. I just wanted to get home.

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You Can't Go Home Again [24 Oct 2004|11:59pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

I'd made the rest of the phone calls during the cab ride to the airport and while waiting for the plane. One to my building superintendent that ensured my flat would remain mine and cleaned at least once a month for as long as I could keep my rent wired in on time. One to a service that would hold my mail and forward it to me whenever I requested. One to a company that accepted my SUV as a charitable donation. Piece by piece, I disassembled my life in Los Angeles, most of it permanently.

The apartment, though, I retained just in case there was need of a safehouse or simply a crash pad should we require it someday.

'We'. I was thinking in 'we' now, of myself and my Slayer as a unit. Interesting.

When the taxi arrived at the Hyperion, the others were waiting. I greeted them with a solemn face that I tried to make cheerful, and a bottle of champagne. We all sat in the lobby, Angel leaning against one of the pillars, arms crossed and frowning. He knew the situation, and though not happy, would not interfere.

Saying goodbye.Collapse )

When I arrived back at the Bellagio, Faith had left a note on the desk that she'd gone back to the nightclub to have a few drinks. When I got ushered into the VIP lounge, Faith was sitting on the couch, almost glowing from her dance-floor exertions and sipping a drink. I glanced at my watch.

"Eight forty-seven. I told you."

((Open to Faith.))

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