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"New friend, Faith?"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my pack of cigs before taking one last shot. "You could say that," I grinned but the smile wasn't for real. He must've known that, though. Shit, I'd fucked up again. Why the hell had I fuckin' kissed Wes just to get some stripper away from me?

"C'mon, let's go," I said as I tugged on his arm to leave. I'd had enough drinks and enough of this place...I needed to fucking breathe and I sure as hell wasn't gonna do it here with the looks Wes was giving me and the thoughts I kept having, everything...that one night, my time dancing was all fucked. Again.

I needed to kill something. Something, notice the "thing" bit at the end?

Yeah, I didn't really, either.

I started walking outside and instead of hailing a taxi, I just decided to walk, figuring Wes would follow me and then we'd have to do the talking thing, we wouldn't. We'd both bottle up everything and then we'd both feel like shit, and life would go on. Fucking perfect.

And we hadn't even started training yet.

I waited for Wes to ask more about the girl, but when he didn't, I just kept walking. He knew by now, I was sure, that I'd fucked her while he was gone and that bothered me for some reason. Whatever, right? Just move on and all that jazz. I people-watched as we walked down the Strip and kinda froze when I saw someone I knew. Ok, maybe knew wasn't the right word..someone I used to get dances from all the fucking time, only I hadn't been able to get over to see her this trip.

Thought her stage name was something like "Candy", but it didn't matter. Someone familiar - not Wesley, not the cops, not the girl who looked like Buffy? Sounded great to me.

"Hey," I whistled at her, not bothering with the stage name since she'd never told me her real one. Too bad. I'd bet she was hot in bed. "Long time no see."

((Open to Wesley & Bethany))
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