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A Typical Night Out

Apparently, it was time to do a bit of patrolling, and this Watcher and his Slayer were going to have some company. At least, I supposed, I was more than aware that Bethany was capable of handling herself, particularly if, as she said, she'd developed an even greater degree of control over her abilities. And so, the three of us soon found ourselves in a Ford Explorer 'borrowed' from the hotel's company vehicles, driving down Las Vegas Boulevard into the 'real' city past the neon lights.

Faith had pointedly climbed into the back seat with Bethany, leaving me alone in the front to drive and quietly fume a bit. As far as I was concerned, Faith was being immature and petty. If she had a problem with my not wanting to have to relate chapter and verse on our strange, complicated relationship, it didn't give her an excuse for dragging out memories hurtful to us both.

I couldn't understand what was going on in Faith's head at all at the moment, and that unsettled me. We were enough of a kind, I'd come to believe, that I could read her with some degree of confidence. Now, though, I was at a loss, and that was a terrible place for a Watcher to be.

Surprisingly, turning corner after corner into the less reputable areas of Las Vegas, I was having difficulties finding suitable 'action' for the tastes of myself-- as I was very much in a surly, fighting mood-- and my companions. As we approached the Fremont Street area, near where Faith and I had met up at her club, I was beginning to despair of finding anything of supernatural menace about.

Until something large, scaly and unpleasantly aggressive ran right across our path.

"I believe this is our stop, ladies."

The Explorer screeched to a halt, and the two rear doors were open well before I slammed the gearshift into park. I watched as two more forms rushed past us and into the requisite darkened alley. On first glance, the demons might be mistaken for any sort of hired muscle, save for the reptillian skin over that muscle and the tall ridges on its skull.

I slid my pistols from their holsters.

"M'Fashnik demons," I called out to Faith and Bethany. "No pushovers."

Cocking both guns, I stepped into the alley.

((Open to Faith, Bethany and Sam!))
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