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The things I do for people. Oy.

The liquor store was a joy. Spunky McBiel there wanted to show off her new fake ID and score some drinks so I said why not. I joined her in the convenience store as a sort of just-in-case measure, y'know. Case the store clerk wanted t' give her a bit of hassle. I sat quietly staring at the different packs of smokes that decorated the aisle. Hm! Marlboros went down twenty cents. I kept my ear trained on the counter while Safi attempted to purchase the alcohol, just waitin' for her to blow it.

"Forty seven, fifty three," the cashier said. Brows lowered I flashed my eyes over to the counter. Just how much was she buying?! Four bottles of Boone's Farm, three packs of wine coolers, something in a blue bottle -- grand. Foofoo drinks. I'd have to make sure to wear my fuzzy panties. My lips pursed and I sighed to myself before stuffing a pack of fags in my pocket descreetly and then wandered toward the counter.

She watched intently while the cashier looked over the card she'd handed him, then looked at her, then looked at the card again. He wasn't gonna fall for it. "Almost ready t' go, honey?" I asked upon reaching her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind, flashing a gay grin toward the cashier. "Newlyweds," I said. "We're celebratin' t'night." The cashier shrugged his shoulder and gave the ID back to her. They exchanged money and bottles and we were off.

She didn't say much of a word to me after I'd done that. Just kinda... made her all shivery I guess. I got that effect, see. We pulled into the parking lot of the Motel 6 and I stepped out of the car. "Finally," I groaned to myself while stuffing a smoke between my lips and lighting it. Naturally I'd have to hitchhike with an anti-smoker. I pulled a long drag and exhaled a slow, black plume while looking over the roof of the car toward her. "So, mate.. er... Safi. One room or two?" My arms rest on the roof and I quirked a brow, waiting for her answer.

(( open to Safi ))
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