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Walked over to the Golden Nugget and sat down at one of the quieter places, where we could actually hear each other talk over the fucking loud ding noises of the slots. I was resting one hand on my knee, while the other kept playing nervously with my cig as I tried to take in my company.

Bethy, I wasn't quite sure of. Seemed ok, powers and shit, and she'd saved Wes. I guess that made her one of the good guys. I laughed a bit at that, shaking my head and taking another nice, long drag.

Bet she was great in bed, too, but hey. She'd never offered during any of the dances I'd gotten from her, so no big. Besides, there was always that other girl, the one that looked so much like B, that I could go back to if I had that particular itch to scratch...

This new girl. Tall, muscular, with guns. And knives. Seemed sorta Wes' type, if you asked me, but she hadn't volunteered her name just yet. Slayer-sense, whatev, something about her was just giving me all sorts of weird vibes. Like I knew her or something. I'd ordered her a gin and tonic, seeing as how she didn't look the beer type.

Wes, I'd gotten him his scotch. That whatever-the-hell kinda scotch, real expensive. I'd touched his arm casually, and fuck, it was like fire shot right fucking through me and I was burned. Rubbed my hand along my jeans and just put on my smile for him. "Glad you're ok, boss," I winked as they brought me my beer and I took a quick swig.

What had I been thinking, leaving the demon alone and running after Wes? Hadn't I learned my fucking lesson when Angelus had done the same thing? Couldn't let my guard down, not ever. "Sorry," I told him, "if I disappointed you." Yeah that was me. Just fucking apologizing every chance I could get, it seemed.

"So, now that we're away from that mess..."

I was gonna introduce myself, but I looked over at Wes first to find out if it was ok. After all, for all we knew she was a narc or something. That woulda been my luck.

((Open to Wes, Bethany, & Sam))
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