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Wes never gave me a chance to say anything to him, cuz the next thing I knew, we were kissing and fuck if I didn't have flashbacks to the one night. I pulled away from him long enough to pull off my shirt, and yeah, I was wearing a nice lace black bra under it. I gave him a look that pretty much said, What else did you expect? before I hopped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands running through his hair as I began licking my way down his neck.

Fuck, so good... please don't let it stop, please don't let it be like the last time...

"Want you, Wes," I whispered into his ear before biting it.

Shit, I didn't have the whole we're going to die soon excuse this time, either. No kissing as a distraction from some girl I'd fucked either.

Instead, we were kissing hard and shit, my panties were already soaked through, so I just wrapped my legs around him tighter and admitting more than I wanted to.

"Wanted you since we got here," I breathed as my mouth worked on his and I managed to suck on his tongue the way I wanted to suck his cock. "You left... left me alone to go to L.A." My arms were tighter around him as my tits began to come out of my bra.

"Left me alone and that girl... fucked her cuz I couldn't fuck you..." God, why wouldn't I shut up?

I grabbed one of his fingers and began sucking on it slowly, and when I'd stopped, I wished to God I could smile some sexy smile, but instead I was shaking all over. Just scared shitless.

((Open for Wes))
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