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Just Rewards

It was all a big fucking blur.

I walked back to our seats, hands on the other chairs along the way to hold me up, and I sank as carefully as I could but it still hurt. Not a lot... but enough. Thank fucking God we weren't in first class or shit.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, trying to figure all this out. What the hell was going on? I'd called Wes for one reason - I was a liability to B and her crew. Didn't wanna go back to jail just yet cuz I figured there was still some good out there I could do - so I call Wes. Just figuring bossman could go back to his Watcher-ways and we'd be all five-by-five.

But, that sorta thing's never my luck. Cuz this Wes? The one who started at me coldly one sec and then fucked my ass the next?

Yeah. Not the Watcher I thought I'd be going back to. Then again, I wasn't the Slayer he probably wanted.

We all get what we deserve, right?

I felt the seat sink next to me and I sighed, knowing it was Wes finally. What could I say? Thanks for the nice fuck? Thanks for bruising me and making me cry?

"Well... looks like we wasted a few minutes with that. How much time we got left, Boss?"

((Open to Wes))
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