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The Night Out

We showered, and didn't talk much, but that was fine by me. Honestly, I'd wanted to fucking curl into a ball on the bed and sleep, but Wes had pretty much forced me into the shower. Maybe it was a good thing, I dunno. Cleared my head a bit, stopped my tears, and made my ass ache just a little less.

When he asked me if I'd wanted to go out still, I'd just smirked and gotten changed. Nothing fancy, sadly, but I'm not a fancy kinda gal. I pulled my jeans on carefully, wincing as I did, then grabbed one of his button-up shirts and a tie he'd actually brought but hadn't worn yet. Did the whole Avril Lavigne look, which normally I hated, but at least it was better and warmer than just a tank top.

"All set, Boss. Let's go."

Wes had our tickets somehow, and I wasn't hungry just yet. Figured we could eat after the show or something.

We walked to the theatre where it was at, and i kept looking at him. Was he ok? Was everything cool between us now? I couldn't tell. For all I knew, I might've fucked it up even worse - yeah, if that was even possible.

I sighed and finally asked him, "Look, you gonna be quiet-man all evening, or you wanna talk about what happened? If not, hey, cool by me, I'm just wondering."

I stopped walking so he'd hafta stop too.

"Cuz when I said 'thank you'? I fucking meant it, Wes."

((Open to Wes))
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