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Woke up the next morning, and saw that he was still asleep, my leg kinda curled on him and an arm around his chest. Weird... I never did that snuggling shit. I slowly pulled myself offa him and turned on my side, blinking my eyes at the time.

I remembered the food we'd ordered last night and never gotten, so I finally got outta bed and wandered over to the door, opening it to see if something was there or not. Sure enough, they must've come knocking once we were both fucking asleep, cuz there was my pizza, ice-cold.

Hey, no big. Pizza for breakfast was cool.

I pulled the tray inside, sat on the floor, and started eating my breakfast, trying to keep quiet for Wes. No dreams last night so that was good, but I hadda wonder about Wes. He seemed the type to have bizarre nightmares or shit about all the 'bad' things he thought he'd done.

Like me.

Well, fine, not like me in the sense that he fucked me up. In the sense that he was like me having nightmares about... fuck it. It was too hard to explain.

After finishing off my pizza, I walked outside and lit up a cig, looking at The City. Weird without all the lights, but the tourists made me feel... dunno. Cramped? Sin City was fine, it was all fake anyways. Seemed a better fit to my personality.

Here? I wasn't sure... about me, about, well much of anything.

Just hoped I got my training in, cuz it would at least take my mind offa the weirdness that was me and Wes.

Taking another quick drag, I ran a hand through my hair watching the sun come up. Would we always be like this? On the fucking run? Honestly, how much good had I been able to do since I left B and Giles and everyone? Seemed I was only fucking up my Watcher's life more than it already was.

Wasn't fair to him... sure as hell wasn't what we'd both signed on for.

Maybe I should just turn myself in, get it all over with and let everyone go back to their regularly scheduled fucking programs.

((Open to Wes))
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